Ship maintenance system

Oceantiger MMaster is a ship maintenance system for doing planned and unplanned maintenance on ships and land stations. The software is currently installed on more then 30 ships operated in Norway, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Faroe Island, Panama, Cook Islands, Gibraltar, Bahamas and several other countries.

The system offers a very intuitive user interface that are easy to use and easy to learn. It's easy to keep track of ship components and jobs that needs to be addressed. The reports in the system gives you an overview of jobs that have been finished or that needs to be addressed in the near future. In addition, reports are available for getting an overview of certificates, suppliers, spare parts and running hours.

Studies have shown that the use of planned maintenance systems, significantly decreased breakdowns and damage to ships. If your vessel is not large enough for a planned maintenance system to be mandatory by ISM, it is still a very good investment to use such systems. Oceantiger MMaster can be used on very large vessels as well and smaller vessels such as fishing and tug boats.

The software is also available as a web based version, where you can use the software on any device such as mobile, tablet, Mac, Linux and Windows PC. It is possible to send messages to all vessels in the fleet and to office. Try it for free for 30 days by sending us an email to get access.

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Ship maintenance system component list with spesificatons

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