To be able to compile you must have defined where the program can find your Java SDK bin catalog. You can find the compiler bin path field under Edit->Options->Compiler (see figure below).

As an example of what to write in this field, say you have jdk1.3 and you have installed the program on c:, your bin dir would be c:\jdk1.3\bin. After you have defined the Java bin catalog and the class path options do the following.

1. To compile, select the compile option from the compile menu or click on one of the compile buttons on your left under the Java tab.
2. A dialog box will now display some information letting you know that the document is being compiled.

3. If you get any error messages after compilation you can click on the "show all error messages" button to display a window of
complete information about the error message (line number, type etc.).

4. If you have closed the compiler dialog box (displayed during compilation), you can get information about the last compiler errors by, either to go to the compiler messages tab at the bottom of the program to get full error message information (this log can also be saved to file for later examination, to do this right click over the compiler log tab; see figure below)

or click the Compiler tab (see figure below) to display a list of error messages (not as detailed as compiler messages tab) with line number where the error accured.

If you double-click on one of the error messages the program will jump to the error line and mark it in red (see figure below).

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