Completion proposal / code completion

The completion proposal feature is available for both Java and HTML documents. The text below only covers the Java completion proposal, but this is how the HTML completion proposal looks like:

Completion proposal is a tool that eases the writing of code in the editor. You type the name of the object (or tag for HTML document), and a list of available functions and data members for the class are displayed or available attributes for the tag in html documents) (See figures below).

As default you can list proposal for the String, Double and Integer classes. A proposal are also listed for data members and functions for classes that are defined in the document.

If you have classes that are not defined in the document and that are not part of one of the default types, and you want completion proposal for these classes, you can define these yourself. You do this by writing the class name and defining the data members and public functions for the class (See figure below).

To display this dialog click Edit->Options->Comp. Proposal..

You can add new classes by writing the class name in the edit field and pressing the < button. You can add new data members and functions by first selecting the class that you want to add data members or or functions to, and then pressing the > button to add them to the list.

TIP: If there are some functions in the Boolean, Integer or String classes that you never use, you can delete them from the list, to make it easier to find data members that you do use often.

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