Oceantiger's editor shortcuts overview.

TIP: Before you enter the try..catch dialog box, you can select the text in the editor, that you want to be in the try part. The selected text are sent to the dialog box so that you don’t have to re-enter it in the dialog box. Overview of the shortcuts (the default shortcuts, you can change the shortcuts in Edit->Options->Shortcuts):

Ctrl-Z - Undo
Ctrl-Shift-Z - Redo
Ctrl-V - Paste
Ctrl-X - Cut
Ctrl-A - Select all
Ctrl-C - Copy
F8 - Compile (java)
F1 - Show / Hide line numbers
F2 - Write "System.out.println" to editor (java)
Ctrl-E - Expression builder (java - dialog box)
Ctrl-L - Load file
Ctrl-S - Save file
Ctrl-Shift-S - Save as..
Ctrl-J - New application code document (java)
Ctrl+H - New HTML document
Ctrl-W - Class wizard (java - dialog box)
Ctrl-F - Search for text (java - dialog box)
F3 - Find next
Ctrl-R - Replace Text (dialog box)
Shift+Ctrl+R - Replace again
Ctrl+Shift+P - Print document
Ctrl+O - Print preview
Ctrl+Q - Quit
Ctrl+N - Next breakpoint (java)
Ctrl+P - Previous breakpoint (java)
F4 - View Line numbers
F7 - Show Completion proposal (java and html)
F10 - Show Auto completion
F11 - Start debug (java)
F12 - Variable tracker window (java)
F9 - Compile and run (java)
F5 - Next editor window
F6 - Previous editor window
Ctrl+G - View html page in browser
Ctrl+M - Create code for non-breaking space (html)
Ctrl+B - Create code for line break (html)

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